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Alexander's Angels is an 

All-Volunteer Organization

EST. 2007                                                                                                                                   EIN: 26-2660724

We further the awareness of Down syndrome and support research. 


Jose Ramon Asteinza, BS

Alexander's Grand Uncle

Jose Ramon emigrated from Cuba as a teenager.  Residing in NJ makes it difficult to attend Alexander's Angels event, something that he did regularly with his wife Carola.  They contributed much to the success of the raffles.  Still involved, still attending meetings and contributing insights, but not so much attending events.

Maria Cristina_edited.jpg

Maria Cristina Barcia

Real State Broker

DOWNrightART Liaison

A native of Ecuador, Maria Cristina has been a long time friend of Alexander's family.  Her brother, the only male and the youngest of six siblings, was  a special needs child.  In addition to handling private real estate, Maria Cristina also managed a  large medical office.


Yelena Nemirovskaya, BS

Lab Administrator, St. Giles Laboratory Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases,

The Rockefeller University, NYC, NY.  

PR Committee Liaison

Yelena teamed up with Alexander's Angels through her role as a Lab Administrator in the St. Giles Laboratory of Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases at The Rockefeller University in NY. She loves attending all of the events, including the annual Buddy Walk, WDSD and research conferences, and her family usually joins her, including her young son, Noah.


Roberta Perrone, MS

Lab Manager Flow Cytometry Laboratory Clinical Trials at Northwell Health

Born and raised on Long Island, Roberta came to the Buddy Walk with her friend and co-worker Eva Rodriguez and her family.  Roberta enjoys participating in WDSD and the Buddy Walk - especially at the Arts & Crafts tables. 

Paige and Abuela (3).jpeg

Esther Gomez-Nieto, MS

President, Alexander's Angels, Inc.

Alexander's Grandmother

After her retirement as Visiting Instructor at SUNY College at Old Wesbury, Esther helped establish Alexander's Angels, named after her grandson Alexander, who was born with Down syndrome.  When not taking care of the organization, she is busy traveling with her husband Juan (Alexander's Angels Treasurer) to enjoy some of their 10 grandchildren living on Long Island, CT, FL, CA, ND and TX. 


Juan Gomez-Nieto, MBA

Treasurer, Alexander's Angels Inc. 

Alexander's Grandfather

Juan was Budget Director of Sterling Drugs until the corporation was sold.  He stayed with one of the buyers, Bayer, for many years.  Retiree.  Volunteers at NYU Langone hospital in Mineola.  He travels often to visit her children and grandchildren. 


Ricardo Gomez-Nieto, MBA

Secretary, Alexander's Angels, Inc.

Alexander's Uncle

IRicardo, Alexander’s proud uncle, has been involved with Alexander’s Angels since its inception in 2007.  He is a senior member of the Civil Air Patrol Quentin Roosevelt Cadet Squadron who, an in-kind supporter of Alexander’s Angels Long Island Buddy Walk since 2012. Ricardo and his wife Jeanne have three children, Ricky, a senior at UND, and Lauren, a senior and Paige, a sophomore at JFK High School in Bellmore.


Eric Klein, MBA

Managing Director, Bridge Growth Partner

Eric Klein became involved with Alexander’s Angels through his wife, Yelena Nemirovskaya and joined the Board in 2020. He avidly participates in all of the great events to support Alexander’s Angels.


Eve Pollack, MSW

Co-Adviser Youth/Self-Advocates Group

Born and raised on Long Island, while still in high school Eve came to the Buddy Walk with her mother in 2015 and has been involved with Alexander's Angels ever since.  Founding member of the Youth/Self Advocates Group, her passion for our work as an organization has only gotten stronger. As of May 2023, she has successfully completed her Masters in Social Work and aspires to be the best advocate possible for individuals with special needs. She loves bringing smiles, positive energy, and fun to all of our events and her favorite part is seeing the smiles and feeling the joy from all of our incredible individuals with Down Syndrome and their families at our wonderful events!


Eva Garcia Rodriguez, BS

Lead Clinical Laboratory Technologist at Northwell Helath  Co-Adviser, Youth/Self-Advocates Group

Entertainment Committee Liaison

Born in Colombia and raised in Brooklyn NY. Obtained a science degree in Hunter College and work in a Cell Genetics Laboratory in Northwell. Happily married with three beautiful children. My middle child, Carlani, has Down syndrome. Always willing to volunteer. At Alexander's Angels two major annual events, if you want to meet the entire Rodriguez family (and friends), look for them at the Arts & Crafts tables helping children and adults!. 

Sanchez, Paula.jpg

Paula Sanchez, MS

Special Education Teacher, Achieve Beyond

Down Syndrome International (DSi) Liaison (Education)

Paula became involved with Alexander's Angels before the organization became official.  In 2007, when the organization became official, Paula continued to get involved and joined the board.  Paula has been working with individuals with disabilities from age 2- adult for over 15 years. 


Sally Weintraub, BA

Founding member of DOWNrightART Committee 

Sally was instrumental in the early development of Alexander's Angels.  She was one of the original members of the DOWNrightART Committee that spent many hours meeting to make the project the great success it became.


Eileen McAuliffe


Nancy Kalinoglu



Robert McAuliffe





Carrie Marone

Steve Marone

Renee Persandi

Carol Petitpain

Robert Petitpain



Maria Polizzi


Valerie Lynn-Nicosia

Barbara Sottile

Luisa Belletti


Public Relations

Scott Horodyski, Photography

Anthony Cuccia, Graphic Design

Sabrina Ghiozzi, Web Design 

Meghan Schaefer, Social Media

Paige Gomez-Nieto, Social Media

Laurie Schaefer, Social Media Adviser

Mary Farkas, Social Media Adviser


Founding Members 
Alexander's Angels, Inc.


Margaret "Marge" Savoca

Esther Trelles Asteinza

Marge was Alexander's maternal grandmother and Esther was Alexander's paternal great grandmother.  Not only they didn't miss an event while they were able to attend, but they were very involved, attending meetings, helping with the planning as well as lending their hands during the events.





Alexander Gomez-Nieto, now living in Simsbury, CT, was born in Scottsdale, AZ, in 2001 to two Long Islanders (NY).  At age 21, Alexander, a graduate from Simsbury High School is a very active young man.  He has learned to swim, has taken horseback riding, is a member of a baseball team, loves to go to the movies, and when he was in 4th grade was elected class rep by his classmates at Squadron Line School.  At the same school, he took part in the 6th grade play The Magical Land of Oz in the spring of 2014.  He has played hockey, soccer, Flag football, and was part of the Simsbury High School men's choir.  While in 10th grade he earned his first high school sports letter.    He enjoys playing his electric guitar and has been part of a theater class. We are very proud of all that Alex has accomplished!


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