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A visit to Roslyn High School

Click below for Press Release by Roslyn High School

This is the second (successful) year that Ms. Kinshasa Allen, along with Roslyn High students coordinated a new program called  "Reconnect Day".  The initial goal was to raise awareness about being an "upstander", and embracing diversity.  This year the project expanded and discussed: school safety, inclusion, while also promoting self-care and wellness. 


Alexander's Angels, returned to Roslyn High School (we visited in 2017) to participate in this year's project.  Represented by its president, Esther Gomez-Nieto, Alexander's Angels invited self-advocates Kyle Erickson, Co-President of Alexander's Angels Youth/Self-Advocates Group, Brittany Schiavone, founder of Brittany's Baskets of Hope, and John Cronin, founder of John's Crazy Socks.  Meet our three speakers below--find out what they do by clicking on their names.  Pictures of the event are also included below, as well as a press release, on the link above, provided by Roslyn High School .

kyle and john.jpg

Kyle and John

Kyle and Brittany.jpg

Kyle and Brittany

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